SKF Acquires Maintenance 4.0 Artificial Intelligence Company

SKF has signed an agreement to acquire Presenso Ltd., a company based in Haifa, Israel, that develops and deploys artificial intelligence (AI)-based predictive maintenance software. Presenso’s AI capability enables production plants to find and act on anomalies that were previously difficult to detect, automatically and without the need to employ data scientists.

Victoria Van Camp, CTO and President, Innovation and Business Development, says: “SKF is all about reliable rotation, technology leadership and solving real world challenges. Today, we are welcoming a team of world-class AI developers, with a production-ready analytics solution into SKF. Together we will change the way industry looks at reliability and make AI an integrated part of production.”  

In the last couple of years, more executives are committing resources to deploying Maintenance 4.0 programs.  There is widespread recognition that improvements in production uptime directly impact the bottom line.  Once strategy is in place, the challenge for many industrial plants relates to the more pedestrian issues relating to infrastructure maturity, processes and tools.

There is no uniform definition or Maintenance 4.0 given its nascency.  Presenso defines Maintenance 4.0 as the application of industrial analytics and automation to existing O&M processes. Maintenance 4.0 represents a shift away from expensive Reactive and Preventive Maintenance activities that result in unscheduled downtime.  How does this work?  With AI driven industrial analytics, Machine Learning is applied to the data that is generated from sensors embedded within plant machinery.  From this information, plants are alerted to evolving failure prior to the occurrence of downtime, thereby providing sufficient time for parts to be ordered and repairs scheduled.

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