Simplify, Repair and Convert 3D Data

Open Cascade has released the newest version of CAD Processor – a powerful software solution allowing preparation and simplification of 3D reference data for dedicated downstream applications. It offers a convenient graphical user interface that is easy to navigate and learn. The CAD Processor product line comprises Desktop, Enterprise and SDK versions to meet different user’s needs.

A number of new features and improvements have been implemented for making the solution more powerful and richer in terms of functionality.

Gap Filling and Repatching Faces

Preparing CAD models for numerical simulation is a challenge that CAD Processor attacks. One of the needs which often arise is the generation of CAE meshes from the exact CAD data. In particular, missing or narrow faces may lead the mesher to failure or to producing a non-applicable result in terms of quality. CAD Processor strives to release engineers from being stuck with that sort of problem. Two features from the “Healing” group may contribute to generating a better-quality mesh: gap-filling and repatching.


Enhanced Visualization of Meshes and Metrics

The visualization module for meshes and mesh quality metrics has been remastered to gain a better performance along with smoother appearance properties. Additionally, the current quality metric can now be selected right from the scalar bar. The scalar bar has a supplementary histogram to show the distribution of mesh elements w.r.t. quality metric values.


Improved Oriented Bounding Volumes

The simplification feature consisting in the substitution of parts with their bounding volumes is improved to yield better-oriented shapes.

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