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Simplified CT Solution Negates Specialized X-Ray Knowledge

Yxlon International has launched a completely new operating concept with its innovative YXLON UX20 universal x-ray and CT system. Specialized x-ray knowledge is no longer mandatory. Now, even untrained personnel can easily achieve optimal inspection results. This is made possible by the award winning YXLON Geminy software platform, which combines all the programs involved. With intuitive menu navigation, numerous pre-settings and the ability to switch seamlessly between radioscopy and computed tomography users are ensured of perfect testing processes, performed quickly and easily.

With its compact footprint, the UX20 is specially designed for use in harsh environments such as foundries in the automotive and aviation industries. The system components including the generator, cooler and high-voltage cable are economically integrated into the cabin for protection and extended use while still easily accessible for maintenance work. UX20 is ideally suited for the inspection of castings, welds, plastic and ceramic components and special alloys.

Due to the advanced CT functions, parts sizes up to 800 mm in diameter and 1100 mm in height can reliably be inspected. The height-adjustable operator work area is directly attached to the system. When opening the door, the parts manipulator automatically moves to the edge of the cabin offering ease of loading.

Another additional benefit of the YXLON UX20 is the versatility of the system to grow with the user’s requirements. Customers can start with a basic system in the standard configuration, then select from an extensive offering of upgrades and options to extend the investment with future changing needs.

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