Siemens Go On Location

Siemens has acquired German wireless location solutions developer Agilion GmbH to boost its real-time location systems (RTLS) offering in the ultra-wideband (UWB) frequency spectrum for factory automation and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Targeting applications like smart factories and logistics, RTLS enables precise monitoring of the production process and a transparent material flow. Real-time data made available using RTLS about the location and status of assets forms the basis for networking involved players and logistical processes along the value chain. This allows users to continuously and automatically compare the position of every production asset with the 3D model (or digital twin) of the product or production environment. Evaluation and combination of this digital twin with other information — for instance, using apps in the company’s IoT operating system, MindSphere — permit dynamic optimization of production and logistics processes.

“By acquiring Agilion, we’ll be in a position to also offer real-time locating solutions straight away,” said Herbert Wegmann, head of Siemens’ industrial communication and identification business segment.

Wegmann added: “RTLS is an essential key technology and a new step on the road toward flexible automation in production — for instance, by providing dynamic self-organizing production concepts in the assembly of large-scale products. Real-time locating also enables the safe, efficient use of collaborative mobile robots.”

Agilion GmbH was established in 2004 and has a workforce of 60 at its location in Chemnitz, Germany. It now becomes a fully owned subsidiary of Siemens and integrated into the Process Industries and Drives Division’s industrial communication and identification business. The parties did not disclose the purchase price.

Real-time data concerning the location and state provide the basis for intercommunication and integration of the various partners and logistical processes within your value chain.

The Agilion Enterprise RTLS solution provides intelligent location, movement and status data along the value chain, starting with the inbound logistics via intra and production logistics right up to the outbound logistics supporting the holistic optimization of processes and resources regarding quality, cost and flexibility.

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