ShapeGrabber 3D Laser Scanhead Offers X10 Speed Gain

ShapeGrabber, a pioneer in the development of 3D laser scanners for industrial measurement and inspection, has announced the availability of its most accurate laser scanhead to date. The SG46 scanhead delivers noticeable accuracy improvements over the SG42 it is replacing, with a scanning speed gain of up to 10 times. It also provides a larger sensing range and greater stability in temperature variations.

Pierre Aubrey, CEO at ShapeGrabber said: “We’re excited to be introducing yet again a faster and more accurate scanhead. The SG46 features an improved laser, lens, and imager that captures finer detail and enables cleaner, more accurate scans. Existing customers can upgrade their existing ShapeGrabber scanner with this new scanhead and enjoy significant accuracy and speed improvements, while new customers will enjoy the most advanced 3D scanning technology platform on the market today.”

Optical Gaging Singapore, one of ShapeGrabber’s partners, has been testing the new SG46 laser scanhead with a ShapeGrabber Ai310 scanner. Elton Tan, Assistant Manager, Sales & Applications, had this to say “I have been using ShapeGrabber scanners since 2007 and this is definitely their best scanhead to date! The scans are fast, sharp, and accurate. A significant improvement over the SG42 it replaces.”

The new scanhead design features these enhancements:

  • Greater accuracy and tolerance to temperature changes
  • Up to 10 times faster scanning speed than its predecessor, the SG42
  • Variable field of view in addition to depth of field
  • Larger dynamic sensing range to scan a wider range of part types and surface finishes
  • Positive lock mounting mechanism for ease of installation and switching with SG156, as well as greater precision
  • Backwards-compatible with most existing ShapeGrabber scanners

ShapeGrabber is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quality Vision International. Based in Ottawa, Canada, ShapeGrabber designs, manufactures, and sells automated 3D scanners that are ideal for measuring complex shapes such as injection-molded plastics, castings, and stampings that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or difficult to measure. Considered to be one of the industrial pioneers in the field, ShapeGrabber has been supplying automated 3D scanners to customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industries since 1993.

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