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Sensor Provides Inline Extruded Profiles Inspection

Extrusion manufacturers face high-quality aluminum profile requirements that will continue to increase in the future. To meet these customer expectations, the EXTRUSION MASTER system from ISRA Vision enables automated surface inspection of extruded aluminum profiles.

The ISRA system’s sensors detect defects including blisters, dents, spots, inclusions, and scratches on all sides of the profiles. As a result, scrap can be reduced significantly, while high-quality throughput and yields are increased. Defects on extruded or painted aluminum profiles are more difficult to detect than on other aluminum products, such as flat strips, making consistent quality production even more a challenge.

EXTRUSION MASTER inspects extruded profiles for surface defects allowing users to detect defective material early on and prevents non-marketable material from being processed unnecessarily. Users can also immediately correct defect caused by tooling faults. The EXTRUSION MASTER is fitted with highly flexible sensors for inspection of all sides that automatically adjust to the frequently changing dimensions of the workpiece.

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