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Sensor Monitors Part Clamping Position In Machine Tools

Faster, more precise, higher productivity – these are the key requirements when developing new machine tools. If, however, the tool is incorrectly positioned in these high-performance machines, this leads to massive machining errors or machine damage.

Inductive induSENSOR LVP sensors from Micro Epsilon continuously and reliably monitor the clamping position in machine tools. The measuring method is non-contact and wear-free. Complex adjustments are not necessary. Initiators and switching rings are frequently used to monitor the clamping position in high-performance machine tools. However, this requires complex adjustments.

Non-contact induSENSOR LVP sensors from Micro-Epsilon offer a more simple and wear-free operation and continuously monitor the clamping position. The cylindrical sensors are so compact that they can be integrated directly into the release device of the clamping system for this measurement task. The stroke of the drawbar is measured here. A ring bonded onto the drawbar forms the measurement object for the non-contact sensor. An analog signal is output which corresponds to the stroke movement of the drawbar when clamping the tool. Consequently, continuous monitoring is possible without having to mechanically set the switching point, which is time consuming. The miniature controller can either be accommodated locally or mounted in the control cabinet.

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