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Sensor Agnostic Robotic Inspection Cell Launched

EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS), an authorized Fanuc robot system integrator, has introduced a flexible, easy to use solution for use in industrial metrology applications including dimensional measurement, surface finish inspection, complex geometry measurements and pass/fail production inspection.

Utilizing a Fanuc 6-Axis robotic platform with a 7th rotary axis integrated in the RSH-M10’s base, the 3D metrology sensors are easily positioned to capture data from almost any angle. The system can be configured with 2D machine vision cameras, 3D area sensors, laser line scanners, line scanning cameras, focus variation sensors and confocal sensors dependant upon the specific measurement application.

Typical requirements of complex and hands on programming of the measurement and inspection tasks have been eliminated and replaced with a user friendly, menu-based interface found in the Foundation Programming Environment from EDMIS. Customized 3D model-based measurement and inspection programs are automatically generated off part CAD model of the part to be inspected. The user simply uploads the solid model, selects the areas to measure and a robot inspection program is automatically created.

“The RSH-M10 gives our customers a simple and intuitive solution to their demanding industrial metrology and measurement tasks. This collaboration with FANUC America joins their world class robotics experience with the industrial metrology expertise of EDMIS and continues our commitment to create flexible, and unique solutions for the world of industrial metrology and measurement.” Walter Zic, Chief Operating Officer,

EDM Intelligent Solutions combines state of the art automation, measurement, and manufacturing technologies, along with 20 years of industry experience to provide our customers with multidimensional automation solutions that fit their custom needs. The company specializes in machine tool manufacturing intelligence software, in-line and near-line industrial 3D metrology and inspection, robotic machine tending and pick and place systems, and solutions for automated manufacturing and quality monitoring of production processes.

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