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Second Generation AR Tool Projects Part Measurement Data

3D Infotech has announced the launch of its second-generation augmented reality software Spotlight AR++ 2.0.  This version goes beyond quality control with new functions that will benefit other manufacturing stages, including layout, welding, and assembly.

“Top aerospace and automotive companies came back to us, asking for more.  They loved the ease-of-use and speed of Spotlight AR++, but now they want to use it in other areas of production.”  said Rohit Khanna, President of 3D Infotech.

3D Infotech’s experience with complex projects and demanding customers brings a unique approach to software development. The new version of Spotlight AR++ has new functionality for guidance and adds many performance improvements and optimizations targeted to customers that need to handle thousands of features and can’t spend days setting up the project.

Aerospace measured data and instructions projection

The new version features ‘Presentation Mode,’ a step-to-step guidance tool to project information in an organized manner, similar to the way that slides are set-up in a PowerPoint presentation.  Another significant feature in Spotlight AR++ 2.0 is the new scripting tools, that include dozens of functions and parameters, users can automate the creation of presentations without tedious manual work.

Other features include new multi-projector tools and usability, 10X speed improvements, and better integration with Innovmetric’s PolyWorks|Inspector features.

Spotlight AR++ is a production-proven tool that is also gaining traction in non-metrology areas of production. Other AR tools such as headsets can be valuable, but they can’t match the maturity and robustness of projection mapping augmented reality.

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