SealScan Measures 2D Cross Door Seal Sections

SealScan is a compact, lightweight, 2D scanning system for fast and accurate measurement of cross section mating surfaces. Seal gap, seal compression and panel alignment are typical applications. The concept is based on a 3 axis articulated arm, non contact laser scanner and a patented exchangeable multi-base.

The seal design and accurate fabrication is a major contributor to the key function for a vehicle door. There is a fine line between optimal sealing function and comfortable door closing efforts. For quality control it is crucial to obtain actual seal compression and mating surface geometry.

The Sealscan unit can be mounted on a full assembly using its pair of universal mounting platforms. These are based on suction cups and are harmless to the mounting surface.

Smart laser technology captures points on the different surfaces with high accuracy resulting in a detail profile of the assembly. A measurement can be performed on a full, untouched assembly or broken down to the individual building blocks such as orientation of flanges and trim panels.

The integrated initialization procedure enables the system to capture the relative location of both mounting bases and therefore scan the profile and dimension the relative positioning of the mating surfaces. The overlap or interference of the seals, metal, trim panels and other components can be observed, quantified and verified by the detailed 2D scan.

Sealscan measures with all components installed and under their real load conditions.

SealScan can be integrated with any CAD or measurement software and comes standard with an easy-to-use CAD package that allows the capture of sections, dimension and reporting package. Other features include the import of a nominal or theoretical profile, constructing features and defining shapes.

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