Scattered Light Optical Surface Measurement Sensor

The OptoSurf OS 500 scattered light sensor is used to record measured data and is controlled by a controller via a USB interface. With up to 2,000 measurements per second, the OptoSurf scattered light sensor is claimed the fastest roughness sensor on the market. Each measurement corresponds to a complete roughness measurement, which by way of comparison, a profilometer requires a minimum of several seconds.

The sensor can be started and stopped via a trigger input and can be integrated into surface measuring machine controller via a Profibus.

Measuring roundness and waviness of cylindrical parts in a harsh environment is the main tasks of the OptoShaft 12 measuring machine. This includes the surfaces of camshafts, countershaft, and gearbox shafts, and it also includes small parts such as valves and pump pistons.

For the roundness measurement the resolution is approx. 0.2 µm (according to LSC calculation). Waviness can be established to the 500th order with a minimum amplitude of 0.02 µm. The standard situation is that roughness is also evaluated in the perimeter direction in accordance with VDA 2009, thus it is particularly easy to detect grinding or finishing errors.

OptoSurf develops, manufactures and markets inline surface measurement systems for real-time production quality assurance of precision parts. The scattered light method utilized is characterised by robustness, accuracy and high measuring speed. OptoSurf views itself as a niche supplier supplementing the traditional manufacturers of tactile and optical surface measurement devices.

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