SCANweb Transforms 3D Scan Data Into Valuable Actionable Information

Across industries, production and quality engineers spend considerable time retrieving, transferring and analyzing 3D scan data. Still today, it requires too much manual work to exchange data between tools, visualize data comparisons, and draw conclusions for process adjustment. Unfortunately this information tends to remain on someone’s desk, rather than shared and discussed with relevant parties. Ideally, operators, engineers and management should be able to have access and analyse inspection results to reliably adjust production processes.

Inspection insights at your fingertips

SCANweb from ARGON is a browser-based application that provides management, engineers and operators easy access to results from GOM Scanbox installations. SCANweb can be accessed from any point on any device through a secured company network. The software structures scanned data and generates interactive 3D deviation color plots. SCANweb also allows users to visualise results and create their own reporting, custom analysis and correlations without training. Optional industry specific modules enable engineers and managers to facilitate process adjustments in a reliable and efficient way. SCANweb allows users to speed up product launches and detect changes in their series production.

Pro-active process adjustment saves time, money & scrap

SCANweb helps transform the massive amounts of data into valuable information. Through its unique interface with GOM ATOS software, SCANweb brings average deviation, variation plots and additional functionality that other tools do not provide. The software empowers production engineers to more rapidly define corrective actions, and share these with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Similarly, SCANweb gives machine operators the necessary information to implement corrective actions and release production faster. SCANweb is unique in its simplicity, as key functions can be used like an App. on a smartphone or tablet. It predicted to be the tool of the future for handling quality data using cloud-based functionality accessible anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

SCANweb will be demonstrated at the upcoming Control Expo, Stuttgart, Germany: Hall 7 Booth 7120

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