Scanning Partnership To Aid Micromachining

InnoLas Solutions, specialist for laser systems in micro-materials processing, has announced a collaboration with SCANLAB, manufacturer of scan solutions to guide and position laser beams. The joint expertise lays the groundwork for the realisation of extremely complex customer projects in the field of laser micro-materials processing.

Large-surface laser micro-materials processing comes with particular challenges. With SCANLAB, InnoLas Solutions has found the perfect cooperation partner to realise the INIFINTY Scan. The accuracy in processing and throughput in production are increased by integrating both companies’ technologies, which creates real added value for the customer.

We are delighted by our partnership. Together, we can meet the specific demands customers place on highly integrated laser systems for micro-materials processing and serve especially the European market,” explains Dr Holger Schlüter, Head of Business Development at SCANLAB.

The flexible INFINITY Scan technology builds on the XL SCAN by SCANLAB. In the field of large-surface micro-materials processing, it is among other things used to cut glasses and foils or drill PCBs. By processing the pattern as a whole, there are no stitching errors, while Pulse on Demand (POD) guarantees extreme precision. The throughput is additionally increased, as the travelling distance and subsequent calibration as well as standstills fall away.

“To depict highly complex laser processes in an economically viable manner and gain further access to the market, there could be no better combination than INFINITY Scan and our systems fleet,” adds Markus Nicht, CEO of InnoLas Solutions. “We hope to achieve laser micro-materials processing projects in display, glass, and electronics manufacturing with the highest technical demands, which have not been possible in that way to date.”

Up until now, the INFINITY Scan could be integrated into the EXPEGO system solution as an option. InnoLas Solutions plans to also integrate the option into other systems and is currently working on a LINEXO project.

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