Scanflash Offers Fast, High Precision, 3D Production Measurements

French company ESPI has developed Scanflash, a new generation measuring machine, designed to operate in the work-shop or on the final production line. Building on 20 years experience in the development of special purpose machines for the rapid measurement of production parts ESPI has designed Scanflash to withstand harsh production environments and quickly adapt to work-piece change-overs.

In some tens of seconds, the ESPI Scanflash machine can check for deviations in the machining processes and calculate the necessary tool adjustments to be made on the machine-tool to ensure that production parts continuously achieve specification.

The Scanflash measuring machine offers an alternative to traditional slow coordinate measuring machines and meet the increasingly complex user needs in terms of repeatability, flexibility and productivity. ESPI claim Scanflash to be a significant step towards manufacturing of the future.

The Scanflash measuring center uses a digital comparison principle specially designed for use on the shop-floor adjacent to machine-tools and can perform all dimensional and geometric measurements of a part ultra-fast and with very high precision. Optional on-board DPC (Dynamic Process Control) software module checks for part compliance and  performs the necessary calculation of any needed tool off-set compensation ensuring ongoing parts are manufactured within tolerance. Scanflash is targeted to replace gauging equipment and CMMs.

Productivity, Robustness and Accuracy

Scanflash machines combines the speed and accuracy of special purpose measuring machines with the flexibility of traditional coordinate measuring machines. Scanflash architecture was conceived from the outset to meet the productivity and robustness requirementsof the production floor and achieve a precision of 0.2 to 0.75 μm, resolution of 0.1 μm with a probing speed of 8 to 30 m/s achieving a cycle time lower than 1 second by characteristic.

Scanflash machines use the same kinematic and control technologies as those which provide CNC machining centers their robustness and performance. Machine motions is provided by linear motors with maximum speeds of 600 m/s and accelerations up to 4 m/s2. Part measurement using touch-probing is carried out in a single operation. The automatic rotary index stylus changer switches Renishaw touch-probe modules in less than 3 seconds allowing optimization of feature measurement and ensuring the best precision without loss of productivity.


  • Scanflash TC series measuring volume: X : 125mm, Y: 200mm; Z : 100mm
  • Scanflash MCP series measuring volume: X : 400 to 630mm, Y : 400 to 800mm; Z : 160 to 400mm

Fabrice Moreau, sales manager, adds: “Several tens of Scanflash measurement centers are already in use at aerospace and automotive manufacturers, prestigious watchmakers and renowned subcontractors in precision mechanics. For these customers, the immediate availability of measurements associated with the time-saving in the machine setting allowed returns on investment in less than 12 months“.

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