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ScanCobot Provides Easy Entry Into Automated 3D Measurement

For the first time, the 3D metrology specialist GOM introduces a mobile measuring station with a collaborative robot. Equipped with a motorized rotation table and powerful software, including a virtual measuring room, GOM ScanCobot offers an easy entry into automated 3D measurement technology. The measuring station is combined with GOM’s precise ATOS Core 3D measuring system.

Until now, using automated 3D measurement technology has meant large investments and therefore has been particularly interesting for large companies. With its presentation of the GOM ScanCobot, the worldwide operating metrology specialist GOM provides an automated alternative also for small and medium-sized companies.

GOM ScanCobot digitizing a plastic impeller.

Flexible With Small Footprint

GOM ScanCobot is a mobile measuring station requiring only small space. With dimensions of 975 mm × 755 mm and a working height of 1,000 mm, the measuring system fits in the smallest measuring room. The system is very flexible at the same time: The installed wheels allow moving it to the location where the next measuring task is waiting.

Customers who already have an ATOS Core 3D scanner, for example, can now use it for automated inspections with the mobile measuring station. Measurements are accelerated and the repeatability increases because user influence is reduced.

User-Friendly GOM Inspect Software With VMR and Kiosk Mode

GOM ScanCobot is equipped with the current GOM inspection software, including a virtual measuring room (VMR) and the Kiosk Interface. It can be easily operated and is very user-friendly even for users without expert knowledge. The GOM Inspect software performs measurement planning, digitization and inspection at the same time. The virtual measuring room completely represents the real measurement environment and the measuring procedure and executes it automatically.

The user does not need any knowledge about robotics programming – the software handles that. Also, no special knowledge is required to define the perfect measurement positions for the respective part. The robot finds these positions independently and also teaches itself the shortest paths to get there.

For Small To Medium-Sized Parts

GOM ScanCobot is perfectly suited for efficient quality control of small to medium-sized parts of various materials, such as plastics, metal or casting. Combined with the ATOS Core 3D scanner, it automatically digitizes and inspects parts with a weight of 50 kg, a diameter of up to 500 mm and a height of maximum 500 mm. Combining the GOM ScanCobot system with the proven ATOS performance with fast fringe projection and data processing, high data throughput and a design that is suitable for industrial use offers an easy entry into automated, serial inspections.

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