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Sariki to Distribute Polyrix Surround Scanners in Spain and Portugal

METROLOGIA SARIKI, S.A has signed a distribution agreement with Canadian manufacturer POLYRIX to distribute the portfolio of optical coordinate measuring machines in Spain and Portugal . Sariki offers in its market advanced technologies that impact on improving the quality control of manufacturing processes and has started the new collaboration with POLYRIX for structured light 3D surround scanners oriented to the scanning of large parts.

Polyrix was founded in 2005 by researchers from the Computer Vision and System Laboratory of Laval University, in Quebec City, Canada. Based on the knowledge gained in performing cutting edge 3D research, they identified a need to develop fast and simple 3D scanners that could provide part inspection in a disruptive way.

PolyScan structured light scanners can scan objects up to 6,500mm. Its surround design with motionless hardware allows accurate inspections. Unique calibration avoids the need for data alignment or sticker targets and multiple baselines increase accuracy when measuring points.

PolyScan is fully scalable. Polyrix has built its core software to handle an arbitrary number of scanning units placed at arbitrary (but precisely calibrated) positions allowing customization of the scanner for any particular need, as well as integration directly into any manufacturing process. Polyscan operation is made easy by the Automation Manager simple interface, and 3rd party software plug-in including PolyWorks|Inspector.

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