RX Solutions Strengthens CT Portfolio

RX Solutions, specialized in the development of X-ray systems, recently announced the all-new EasyTom S. The new x-ray system highlights RX Solutions’ commitment to creating computed tomography equipment that prioritize performance, smart design and versatility.

The all-new RX Solutions EasyTom S is a tomographic solution that can be used for a variety of 3D applications ranging from material research to industrial applications in R&D and production. With the compact footprint EasyTom, it is now possible to measure and analyze entire components, up to 185 mm in diameter and 400 mm in height.

Due to flexible positioning of the screen arm, combined with large opening doors, the system facilitates easy access to the rotation stage and optimizes the sample positioning. A first-class mechanics made of granite axes enable the realization of high-resolution scans, due to the long-term stability.

EasyTom S is available with different sealed x-ray sources making the system maintenance-free. With an ultimate resolution up to 2 µm and multiple detectors choices, EasyTom S provides sharp details and the balanced contrast and brightness needed even at low energy.

RX Solutions X-Act software delivers a powerful result and breakthrough image quality to ensure the highest quality CT solutions. EasyTom S is integrated with full featured “X-Act” software, a proprietary offering, streamlines acquisition, reconstruction, and is enhanced by advanced corrective algorithms, capable of automated workflow: scanning, reconstruction, and inspection.

For more information: www.rxsolutions.fr