Rotating Targets X-ray Tubes Introduced

With the advent of additive manufacturing in production and the ever-increasing need to manufacture smaller and lighter components, the need to inspect for small defects while maintaining throughput is becoming increasingly important.  Inspecting for smaller defects and maintaining throughput in the inspection process are typically contradictory in the world of x-ray.  Avonix partners, Nikon Metrology, have developed the worlds only microfocus x-ray tubes with rotating targets to alleviate this contradiction.

Microfocus technology is required to achieve the resolution necessary for inspecting today’s most challenging components.  In a traditional microfocus tube, the electron beam is focused onto a stationary target and the beam current is limited by the amount of heat the target can withstand before melting.  Nikon’s exclusive rotating target technology solves this problem by distributing the heat generated over the large surface area of a high-speed rotating target which allows for high resolution at high current levels and thus maintaining throughput at high resolution.

A live demonstration of  microfocus technology can be seen at ATEC 2019 on October 2nd.  The Avonix Technical Exchange Conference (ATEC) is a complimentary conference to promote the exchange of user knowledge and also learn how that knowledge is being utilized by thought-leaders from a variety of industries.

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