RotaryStand All-In-One 3D Optical Scanning Solution Released

Zeiss has released the COMET RotaryStand, an all-in-one solution for automated 3D digitization, with the combined sensor and object control, users can measure compact components quicker and more efficiently. The innovative combined sensor solution is the low-cost solution providing an introduction to automated 3D digitization providing the benefits of integrated measuring arrangement concept for series inspection applications.

3D data acquisition, with the combined sensor/object control, is extremely quick with the short measuring process and integrated 4-axis hardware concept offering the highest possible efficiency.

Both the sensor and the object positioning are completely integrated in the measuring system and activated by a single central controller for all axis. With just a few input parameters the automated measurements sequence is commenced via the user-friendly software VISIO 7 light. System calibration is also integrated in the fully automated measuring process.

The blue-LED COMET LED sensor provides outstanding data quality and high-precision measurement results, making it ideal for challenging quality control applications. The system is supplied as a complete measuring cell with see-through enclosure.

Typical application for the COMET RotaryStand include:

Quality control inspection

Comparison of measurement data with CAD data

Tool reconstruction

Scan data for generating cutting paths

Scanning design models for CAD processing

Acquiring 3D data for rapid prototyping process and reverse engineering

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