Robotic Vision Inspection Combines 3D and 2D

IT+ Robotics has launched its EyeT+ Inspect 3D sensor for robotic visual inspection combining robust 3D vision to inspect product shape with fast 2D vision to inspect a product surface. EyeT+Inspect optimizes production due to automatic and objective removal of defective products from the production line.

EyeT+Inspect is designed to be integrated with a robot to manipulate the product in front of the device or to manipulate the sensor over the part under inspection.

To simplify robot programming, EyeT+Inspect exploits real-time visual feedback which allows the definition of the inspection robot path easily with real-time 3D acquisition feedback with the sensor directly connected to the robot controller. New product models can be defined directly by the operator using Smart Inspect 3D, the software solution to configure the system and collect detailed production quality statistics.

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