Robotic Workbench Offers Flexible Small Parts Optical Inspection

At the recent automatica 2018 exhibition in Germany topometric has presented for the first time its newly developed Collaborative Scanning Robot, CSR 200 mobile measuring unit

The unique feature of the CSR 200 is that, unlike in other systems, the work-piece is moved by robot to the sensor in order to achieve the required position for optical data acquisition.

The complete system consists of a collaborative KUKA-robot, optical high-performance GOM-Sensor, pallet changing system, programming station and control monitor including color coded light system. The GOM optical sensor is mounted within the work-bench.

All components are mounted mounted into the mobile workbench with dimensions 2,500 x 800 x 1,800 mm. Since the state-of-the-art MRK robot does not go beyond the external dimensions of the CSR 200, no further safety device is necessary. The measuring device weighs just 275 kilograms allowing it to be moved between locations such as measuring room or directly into production locations providing a complete measuring flexibility.

The CSR 200 is user-friendly and can be programmed without expert knowledge. The specially developed software with intuitive step-by-step user interface eliminates the need for intensive programming knowledge as it is programmed by hand guidance in a “teachin by demonstration” mode.

The CSR 200 can be used both for small part batches and with a large number of product variants, as well as for serial measurements in large quantities, in which the components are provided on integrated pallets. The robot system can grasp individual components with a weight of up to 1 kg and a size of 250 x 150 x 150 mm.

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