Robotic Guidance, Inline and Portable Metrology Exhibit Largest Market Growth Potential

Dimensional metrology equipment has evolved tremendously over the last decade with the advancement in manufacturing capabilities. The highest market growth for dimensional metrology equipment is predicted to be associated with the rising demand from manufacturing industry to minimize errors in the life cycle of a product and improve product quality in order to remain competitive.

End-users such as automotive, aerospace and medical device manufacturing are accuracy-centric verticals and have stringent quality norms, because even a minor defect will lead to fatal product errors. The different categories within the dimensional metrology equipment market can be categorized as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Optical Digitizers & Scanners (ODS), Vision Measuring Machines (VMM), Form Measuring Machines (FMM), Measurement Gages (MG) and Calipers & Micrometers (C&M).

A recent market study discusses the opportunities and evolution of dimensional metrology devices and their impact across the various industry verticals until 2024. It analyzes recent market and technology trends, the significant proliferation of dimensional metrology devices, and their future. Growing interest in industrial automation and enhanced quality inspection are stated to be driving the adoption of dimensional metrology devices.

A key Conclusion of the report is that C&M is a mature market and the product cost is very low compared to other metrology equipment, thus the number of units sold in these product segments are higher, leading to high revenue generation.

Metrology equipment, such as bridge type CMM, VMM, FMM and MG, will experience moderate growth over the forecast period however, technology advancements, equipment portability, handheld scanner and optical digitizers are poised to have the highest market growth potential in the future, disrupting the traditional metrology equipment market growth.