Robotic Fit and Finish Automotive Cockpit Inspection

Total Controls, Inc, supplier of automated vision inspection systems, has installed its VisionSoft inspection systems at a Nissan automotive plant for both car and truck cockpit module lines. After eight months of development and testing, VisionSoft2D was launched into production at the Nissan, Smyrna facility in mid 2018.  The system provides full traceability for fit and finish of cockpit modules. The installed system utilizes Keyence XG-X Controller and 2MP color camera mounted on a Yaskawa YRC1000 robot.  The system is controlled by Total Controls VisionSoft2D software which has been designed to simplify and automate the difficult vision inspections for in-line or off-line quality control.  The versatile use of a robot allows parts or assemblies to be checked in production without need for human interaction.

VisionSoft2D is easily setup with minimum training.  No robot programmer or vast knowledge of vision is necessary to complete the setup process.  VisionSoft2D ensures consistency for field of view and resolution while providing flexibility for lighting and camera angle providing  full control of software vision filtering and other valuable tools for part inspection.

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