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Robotic CMM Part Loading System Provides Autonomous Measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the release of TEMPO, a robotic part loading system for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) designed to enable manufacturers to maintain inspection throughput without the need for operator intervention.

TEMPO is compatible with new and existing CMMs for automated part loading, queuing and unloading. Driving workflow efficiency, the system can be set-up to carry out measurements when operators need to work away from the CMM on other tasks or throughout an unmanned night shift. TEMPO is an off-the-shelf solution using a collaborative robot from Universal Robots.

TEMPO is configurable with three to six loading drawers, each with 0.3 square metres of storage space and holding up to 100 kg of parts. The system is quickly installed to avoid downtime and is readily configurable to process parts newly introduced to customer operations.

Designed for maximum usability, TEMPO can be easily used by operators with minimal training. The system also automatically identifies parts that are out of tolerance.

 Nicolas Lachaud Bandres, Global Business Development Manager Integration & Automation, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, says, Modern Manufacturers are faced with the difficult challenge of cutting costs while driving productivity. Automated loading systems are increasingly essential for enhancing inspection efficiency, but custom solutions can be an expensive investment for some organisations. With the release of TEMPO, Hexagon’s first global and off-the-shelf product to automate CMM loading, manufacturers have a cost-effective solution to reducing loading times and driving greater throughput with unmanned inspection, whenever they need it.”

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