Robot-Based Optical Inspection System Offers 80% Process Savings

AutoInspect is a robot-based optical system, from 3D.Aero, equipped with high end sensor technology and intelligent algorithms that enables the digitization of crack inspection operations with the highest precision.

The system combines robotics, white light interferometry (WLI) technology for precise surface measurement and artificial intelligence for smart defect classification. This allows to automatically generate, process and interpret high resolution 3D surface data in real time. AutoInspect supports the inspection and visualization of surface features as well as the printing of results right on the inspected component. This leads to more efficiency in surface inspection and subsequent process steps.

AutoInspect offers high measurement speed 400 – 600ms per shot. A full aero engine combustion chamber can be inspected in under 4 hours offering process time savings of up tp 80%.

Fully Automated Process

As soon as the component to be inspected has been placed on the system’s platform, the fully automated process starts with automatic calibration and validation. The interaction of robots, WLI technology and artificial intelligence enables a fully automated digitization, measurement, detection and classification of holes or cracks and other defects such as nicks, scratches, dents, pitting, corrosion and burning. Additional laser section technology allows automatic dimension measurement of the component and certain features. All results are automatically documented and details are printed directly onto the component.

White Light Interferometry

White light interferometry (WLI) is an optical method based on the interferences of coherent light. WLI enables high precision measurement with a resolution of < 1µm vertical and < 20µm lateral. The result is a 3-dimensional topology map within the measuring volume. Compared to other methods, WLI provides data with significantly higher resolution and is invariant to differently reflective surfaces. is a research-based joint venture between Lufhansa Technik and Pepperl+Fuchs developing advanced automation solutions for manufacturers and maintenance providers in the aviation industry. Optical sensors, robotics, and data analytics are merged to form a system capable of perceiving its environment and making autonomous decisions.

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