RoboInspector Provides Flexible Machine Vision Inspection Solution

NeuroCheck GmbH has launched RoboInspector, an easy-to-use inspection solution, featuring its versatile machine vision software NeuroCheck communicating with a collaborative robot to perform visual inspection tasks.

In conventional inspection set-ups, sensor equipment and test pieces are arranged in a fixed alignment. By combining robot and camera, the RoboInspector obtains its sense of vision, thus enabling a flexible and dynamic inspection of test pieces. Together with the company’s industrial vision software NeuroCheck, provides new application possibilities for error recognition and process reliability..

Using the standardized interfaces of the NeuroCheck machine vision platform, the sensor module attaches to the robot gripper and can be configured to suit various inspection tasks. A protective screen allows operation even under difficult circumstances, additional protection against extraneous light is unnecessary. In addition, the sensor-protective screen offers protection against accidental collisions.

NeuroCheck has more than 10,000 applications in use in various kinds of industry.

The product has already been used in various projects for customers and also adapted suit customer needs.

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