Rethinking Quality for Dummies – Take Quality to the Next Level

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has announced the availability of its free eBook, ‘Rethink Quality For Dummies’. Authored by quality experts at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, who have prepared the guide to assist readers to start to rethink quality. Hexagon’s view of quality is expansive, encompassing the entire product lifecycle.

Rethinking Quality For Dummies, Hexagon Limited Edition, offers a guide to the exciting, unfolding world of data-driven quality improvement. It’s a primer on weaving what has come to be known as a digital thread throughout organizations. Digital threads share incredibly valuable information from one function to another, data that helps a company design quality in from the beginning, improve it all along the way, and work more efficiently as well as more effectively.

Discover how sophisticated simulation can help work out many of the bugs in product while still in the design stage, and before getting to prototyping. Learn how data drives more effective and error-free production, and how testing is being integrated more and more into the production line. Explore how metrology is far more than testing the quality of goods coming off the line; the data gathered feeds back to the beginning of the process to make products better from the get-go. Gain insights into how information from service life can also enter into this critical feedback loop.

“The level of quality can determine the difference between a good company and an industry leader. As competition in just about every industry heats up and turns more global all the time, tomorrow’s winners are the ones committed to taking quality to the next level. Is your organization ready to rethink quality? The focus of the next generation of thinking in quality really boils down to three key words: Data, Connections and Everyone.

Driving real and lasting improvements in quality requires access to cutting-edge data. This includes data about what the customer expects, how current and past products have performed, where processes are working and where they’re breaking down, how consumers are using products and what repairs have been needed. It’s data on materials, measurements, tolerances, manufacturability, performance, failure and countless other things that can be measured.

That data needs to be connected. It needs to be shared all the way up and down the product lifecycle, from idea to design to prototyping to manufacturing to testing to service life. It needs to be well organized, fully analyzed and easily accessible.

And the connection must involve everyone. Quality no longer is just for people who have ‘quality’ in their job title. Everyone: from designers to manufacturing personnel, from maintenance specialists to those involved in metrology, people who deal with customers and corporate leaders. Quality is everyone’s job, and access to quality data gets them involved.”

Rethinking Quality for Dummies is divided into chapters that explore the quality journey – where it has been, where it is heading next and how you can navigate into the future. A chapter summary follows:

Chapter 1: Quality Fundamentals – A look at the task of improving quality in manufacturing, how the approaches have evolved through the years and why yesterday’s ideas are not sufficient for tomorrow.

Chapter 2: Time to Rethink Quality – Whose job is quality? Everyone’s! Here are thoughts on why that matters and how you can begin to overcome barriers to making that happen.

Chapter 3: Smart Manufacturing – The smart factory has a mind of its own, and that’s an amazing thing. This chapter explores the whys and how’s of connecting the digital dots of smart manufacturing.

Chapter 4: Designing Quality into the Product – The best place to begin your quality story is at the very beginning. This chapter discusses new ways your design team can tackle quality issues right out of the gate.

Chapter 5: Producing Quality Products – Data can help you drive new levels of quality into your manufacturing processes, and you have new opportunities for gathering quality data even as the product is being made.

Chapter 6: Measuring Quality – The quality team has long been involved in metrology that focuses on whether your organization’s work is meeting its targets. That’s still part of the picture, but the data is more powerful than ever.

Chapter 7: Digital Threads – Data is worth little if it’s not shared with all who can benefit from it. Digital threads weave quality throughout all parts of the product lifecycle, and help everyone to work better together.

Chapter 8: Ten Cool Ways to Use Quality Data – Abstract theories are fine, but rethinking quality has very practical applications. All kinds of remarkable ideas are being put into action right now. Here are ten intriguing examples.

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