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Renishaw Launch New Substrate Mastered Encoder Scale

Renishaw has launched the latest addition to its RKL linear encoder scale family. The new RKLA substrate mastered encoder scale is designed to adopt the thermal behavior of the underlying substrate. It is compatible with Renishaw’s RESOLUTE absolute encoder series.

RKLA substrate mastered encoder scale is a narrow, low cross-sectional area, stainless steel absolute tape scale with 6 mm width and a thickness of just 0.1 mm (0.15 mm with adhesive). It is graduated with a 30-µm pitch absolute code, which offers ±5 µm/ m accuracy and is available in lengths up to 21 m.

The new scale is highly flexible and can be used in both linear and partial arc applications. It features a proven, robust stainless steel tape scale design with immunity to solvents, coilability for easy storage and cut-to-length convenience. The scale is installed onto the axis substrate by a self-adhesive backing tape and the scale ends are rigidly fixed by means of adhesive fastened end clamps, eliminating the need to drill holes. A simple applicator tool is available for quick and easy scale installation.

The RKL encoder scale family extends the range of capabilities of Renishaw’s encoder scales, allowing the customer to choose an appropriate thermal behaviour for their application. Its narrow form factor enables installation in applications where space is limited.

In partial arc applications, RKL encoder scales can be conveniently cut to the required length and mounted on a simple cylindrical substrate with no requirement for complex mounting features or tightly toleranced alignment surfaces.

Renishaw encoder systems have CE approval and are manufactured in house using strict quality-controlled processes that are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and backed by a global sales and support network.

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