Reliable Detection of Sheet Metal Edge Burrs

In order to prevent corrosion of metal sheets, continuous and error-free corrosion protection is required using as an example protective varnish. With the cut edges of metal sheets, the thickness of the applied protection varnish can vary and so becomes an uncertain parameter. In order to ensure a long product life, burrs must be recognized early in the production process before the corrosion protection and other paint layers are applied.

The Micro Epsilon scanCONTROL 2910-10/BL laser scanner can be installed directly in the production line and detects inline the burrs from 20µm on sheet metal edges. This reliable detection method is possible due to the high point resolution of approximately 8µm along the laser line, which provides the required precision for this measurement task. The sensor mounted onto a robot is guided over the edges of the cut-and-punched sheet metal parts and detects their profiles. Height and width of the burr can be determined and evaluated directly in the scanner. Direct OK/NOK output is possible. Transmission of the measurement values can be communicated directly to common field-buses such as Profinet IO, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP and is performed via the scanCONTROL Gateway. The scanCONTROL Gateway can be connected to up to 4 sensors via Ethernet-Switch.

the Micro Epsilon scanCONTROL product family includes the new Smart PLC Unit that enables solutions with up to eight laser scanners. The scanCONTROL Smart PLC Unit is an industrial control unit for measurement value calculation intended for scanCONTROL laser scanners. It can be equipped with customer-specific application software for the respective measurement tasks. The determined measurement values are evaluated, displayed, recorded and transmitted via the Smart PLC Unit to higher-level control systems using analog and digital interfaces.

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