Radical CMM Design Provides Accurate Shop-Floor Measurements

Few radical Coordinate measuring Machine (CMM) designs have emerged during past decades, however one such design offers a non-Cartesian hexapod CMM structure utilizing linear motors and mechanical bearings, providing a robust solution to precision inspection on the production floor. Developed by UK CMM company Aberlink, who this year is celebrating 25 years years of supplying coordinate measuring machines, the Xtreme CMM offers an alternative approach to providing shop-floor coordinate metrology.

The unique CMM’s configuration ensures that it maintains accuracy, at very fast measurement rates and does not suffer from the accumulative inaccuracies that occur in conventional 3-axis Cartesian CMM designs.

The Xtreme CMM offers a self-contained inspection unit with no air bearings and with the PC monitor conveniently mounted atop the CMM enclosure . Built-in temperature control and a compact footprint allow the Xtreme to be placed wherever inspection is needed including adjacent to CNC production machinery.

Another unique advantage of the Xtreme is that all of the motion struts are temperature controlled ensuring measuring accuracy is maintained even when the environment is not temperature controlled.

The Xtreme CMM is offered at a price point close to traditional manual CMMs with avolumetric accuracy of 3µm + L/250mm. The cost effective Xtreme solution allows use at various locations on the manufacturing floor forming part of a decentralization coordinate metrology strategy inline with the trend away from the centralized quality lab CMM.

Xreme CMM Adjacent to CNC Machine

The Xtreme CMM comes with Aberlink’s own measuring software renowned for its simplicity and ease of use. Inspection reports can be in the form of fully dimensioned graphical representations created directly on screen.

The success of Aberlink’s  Xtreme CMM since launch has justified the company’s contention that industry needed a cost-effective robust CMM that could provide accurate measurements at point of manufacture and allows parts to be inspected within machine-tool cycle times.


For more information: www.aberlink.com