QVI TurnCheck Provides Fast and Precise Shop-Floor Cylindrical Measurements

The QVI TurnCheck Series-10 Shaft Measurement Systems offer a fast, easy way to measure shafts, cylinders and other turned, ground or extruded parts.

TurnCheck Series-10 systems are precision optical measuring instruments designed for the shop floor environment. TurnCheck systems are rugged and reliable, accommodating parts up to 180 mm in diameter and 800 mm in length.

TurnCheck will scan and measure a part in seconds using its telecentric, large field of view optical system. With 100 mm wide field of view and vertical range of 400, 600, or 800 mm, TurnCheck systems can handle most turned or ground part.

TurnCheck software allows easy measurement of diameters, lengths, distances, angles, radii, form, position, cylindricity, and runout and integral GD&T can output measured point data for external analysis or reverse engineering.

Rugged, Easy to Use Design

TurnCheck systems bring optical precision to the harsh shop floor environment. The movable tail-stock assembly ergonomically designed to allow easy operation with one hand for precision mechanical alignment of the work-piece. The optional live tail-stock can be built into the base assembly, minimizing cost of tooling for different sized parts. the further optional work-holding kits fit into the spindle and accommodate parts centers.

Advanced Optics

TurnCheck Series-10 optics are designed to produce distortion-free images of parts over a full 100 mm field of view. The optics produce a true telecentric images, preventing all stray light from influencing measurements by entering the optics system. The illumination optics are carefully matched to the imaging optics to supply highly collimated light providing nearly perfect back lighting of the work-piece.

Integral Calibration and Thermal Compensation

Calibrating TurnCheck systems is simple. Just load the calibration master onto the machine and the system software does the rest. A complete calibration requires just a few minutes.

As a system check, a master ring gage mounted to the spindle is measured at the start of each vertical scan. This check is part of the integral thermal compensation system that works to minimize the adverse effects of temperature variation on measurement accuracy.

Included software provides automatic feature extraction finding and measuring all part features in a single scan. With vertical scans at speeds up to 100 mm/sec, TurnCheck offers fast and precise measurement of known and unknown parts without need for programming or a CAD model.

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