QuickLoad Rail Aids CMM Productivity

R&R Fixtures has created the QuickLoad™ corner (QLC) to locate and hold fixture base plates on the table of vision systems. It has now announced the developed a similar product for use on traditional tactile coordinate measuring machines (CMM). The QuickLoad rail (QLR) is the latest product released by R&R Fixtures, continuing its quest to provide innovative, market leading fixturing products.

The QuickLoad rail (QLR) system utilizes the company’s hard-coat anodized, alpha-numerically labelled aluminum base plates in a variety of thread sizes (M4, M6, M8, ¼-20). Base plates locate to the QLR on either side using quick release magnets and location pins. Used with R&R Fixtures’ extensive selection of labeled modular part clamping components, the alpha-numeric plates enable the user to set parts up the same way every time. The product is quick, easy and repeatable, allowing the user to set up parts for inspection on multiple plates, and load them to the rail efficiently to maximize throughput and offers the following benefits.

  • Accurate positioning: The QuickLoad base plates locate and align to the QuickLoad rail using location pins, whilst magnets secure them in position.
  • Speed and precision – The QuickLoad rail system allows for faster throughput of inspected parts. The ability to quickly changeover plates paired with the design of the location pins on the rail also reduces alignment and calibration issues, providing a tangible return on investment.
  • Greater flexibility – The design of our rail maximizes the available measuring volume on your CMM. The rail can be located and secured to the CMM’s granite on the left, center, right or existing modular base plate, allowing multiple plates and configurations to be used utilizing one or both sides of the QuickLoad rail.
  • Interchangeable design – The rail’s interchangeable design increases CMM capacity. One machine can run several different inspections with minimal setup. Interchangeability between machines also increases throughput.
  • Easy installation – The QuickLoad rail provides a choice of different thread bolt holes to secure the rail directly onto the CMM’s granite surface. This flexible fixturing system ensures it matches the holes on the CMM it is being installed on. This installation of the rail means the fixture plates are secured to the rail’s pins without the need for additional plate clamps.

For more information: www.rrfixtures.com