Quality Control for Additive Manufacturing Event

The first Quality Control for additive Manufacturing (QCAM) event was recently held at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, UK. Around 100 academics and industrialists involved in many aspects of additive manufacturing, across the manufacturing pipeline, attended the event.

The QCAM developed out of a smaller meeting held in 2016 on the subject of metrology for additive manufacturing – the EPSRC Manufacturing Fellowship of Professor Richard Leach. At the smaller meeting, it was decided to run QCAM; mainly to benchmark where the UK stands in terms of both research and technology readiness.

QCAM was chaired by Professor Leach (University of Nottingham), Dr Peter Woolliams (NPL) and Dr Ben Dutton (MTC), and was organised by euspen. The meeting had three keynotes (UK strategy, powders, standards), three state-of-the-art talks (dimensional & NDT, surface metrology, in-process) and several short papers. Both post-process and in-process techniques were discussed, along with data mining approaches, process monitoring, process control, build strategy development, design for metrology and machine learning approaches to control.

The event had a lively open forum and a decision was taken to run a similar event, probably in January 2019. There was a real sense of community at the meeting and many participants formed project consortia or just agreed to work together in the future.

Many interesting technical presentations were given during the event: A selection can be downloaded at the following links.

The complete library of technical presentation are available for download.

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