QBOX – Integrated Robot Non Contact 3D Scanning Cell

QFP is specialize in the design and installation of robotic 3D measuring systems based on fringe projection and optical/laser 3D measuring technology and is now introducing QBOX, a 3D contactless measuring cell for the inspection process.

QBOX is an automated advanced 3D measurement contactless solution designed for production environments. It integrates a laser/optical measurement device (T- Scan CS+) driven by a 6 axis robot enclosed in a protecting box, for a fully automated inspection process. The system automatically digitizes the complete surface of the part to be inspected and generates the inspection reports according to the customer’s standard.

QBOX is able to measure with extreme accuracy and rapidity simple and complex geometry components.

The principle features of the QBOX compared to other measuring cells existing in the market are: No part spraying, no markers, simple part fixtures

QBOX is the ideal production inspection solution for Plastic, Foundry, Die Casting, Sheet Metal and Composite parts and assemblies up-to 2 meters in size.

QFP claims QBOX measures up-to 70% faster when compares with a CMM and in addition provides surface geometry of the complete part surface as well as individual features.

The combination of laser source with the infrared tracking system assures that all the measurements are acquired in the same coordinate system avoiding the need to support the parts to be measured by means of complex fixtures containing references, which are typical of many optical digitizing systems. This results in a relevant saving reducing the fixtures design effort and production cost.

Due to the optical infrared tracking of the robot actuated laser source, there is no need to apply references, e.g. markers, on the parts to be inspected. This saves a huge amount of time taking in account the application as well as the removal of these (usually adhesive) markers.

Off-line system programming is quick with the software providing an intuitive and powerful simulation tools. Generated inspection reports can be shared with customers, suppliers and internal departments.

QBOX fits perfectly with the Industry 4.0 requirements since it automates the inspection process and interfaces directly with SPC and allows the sharing of the complete measurement results with the multiple parties involved in the part production process.

For more information: www.myqbox.it



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