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Profile Projector Masters Production Measurement Demands

SAS GmbH, located in Obernheim Germany produces drive systems which it has co-developed for medical and rehabilitation technology. “With up to 450 revolutions a second, our gear mechanisms achieve extremely high speeds,” says Adam Frey, Managing Director of SAS GmbH. “To ensure that they always perform smoothly and stably in the operating room, they must feature maximum dimensional accuracy.”

The company has expanded its portfolio to include the co-development and production of medical devices. This has led to more stringent demands on production and therefore also on the measuring technology with manual measuring machines and measurements by hand no longer sufficed for quality assurance.

To ensure that the gear mechanisms of medical devices always function perfectly, reliable measurements of initial and random samples are an absolute must for SAS. To achieve this goal precisely, reproducibly and quickly the company has introduced a ZEISS O-SELECT digital measuring projector.

The challenge: Precise, Fast Measurement and Ease of Use

SAS had clearly defined their requirements: the optical measuring machine should be precise to the nearest one hundredth of a millimeter and deliver reproducible results to increase process reliability in production. It was also important for Frey to find a measuring projector that was not only easy to use, but that would also be readily accepted by his production staff. In the end, his decision to opt for the ZEISS O-SELECT digital measuring projector was prompted not only by the good value for the money, but also by the system’s outstanding ease of use.

Reliably Measurement at Push of a Button

Just a few weeks after its introduction six of Benne’s colleagues from the milling, turning and gearing departments of SAS were also using the measuring machine to measure initial and random samples. Benne demonstrates how simple the measurement is: he positions a workpiece on the measuring field and pushes the digital measuring projector’s only button. The optical system of the measuring machine immediately recognizes the position of the part. It zooms to the right distance from the workpiece, selects the illumination intensity and focuses – all automatically. After just a few seconds the measuring program, which has been selected automatically from all programs already generated, appears on the monitor to the right of the measuring system.

“Anyone who can use a computer will also be able to operate this optical measuring system” says Wolfgang Benne.

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