Probing System Provides Integrated Machine Tool Surface Measurement

The Renishaw SPRINT system with SupaScan provides an integrated solution for machine-tool users to monitor the surface condition of machined components whilst still in the fixture on the machine. Data provided can be used for post-process inspection of the component’s surface finish or for process efficiency gains by ensuring tools are used for their full lifespan.

As well as offering extremely fast work-piece set-up, and detailed post-process inspection, the SPRINT system with SupaScan can also monitor surface condition of flat surfaces allowing the detection of periodic errors – caused by worn tooling, machine vibration resulting in a repeated pattern on the part surface, surface peaks – due to chipped or worn tooling, steps on the surface – caused by unexpected differences between cutter dimensions, tool push-off, part deflection under cutting forces, or thermal changes in the machine.

Using SupaScan to automate surface condition monitoring allows these issues to be resolved and corrections to be made
whilst the component is still in the fixture; helping to reduce rework and scrap.

Automatically monitoring surface condition means time spent using manual gauges and transferring components between measurement devices is eliminated, and measurement reproducibility, when compared with manual measurement techniques, is enhanced.

SupaScan analyses surface measurement data and a complementary Renishaw application, Surface Reporter, provides real-time, graphical representations of the results. Colour coded results clearly indicate to the operator whether the component surface is within tolerance. Data can also be written to machine variables or exported to external applications for further analysis.

The SPRINT system with SupaScan allows the same stylus configuration employed for surface condition monitoring to be used for part setting and post-process inspection, making it a highly-flexible solution.

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