Predator3D Sealant Bead Inspection Auto Repair Function Released

Coherix, Inc., a supplier of Three-Dimensional (3D) Machine Vision, has announced a new capability for its Predator3D structural adhesive and sealant bead inspection solution. This new feature enables Predator3D to automatically repair an incorrectly dispensed bead. If Predator3D detects that a section of the bead is defective and repairable during the dispensing process, it instructs the robot to perform a repair pass following the same path as a normal dispense but allows Predator3D to control the bead dispenser. Predator3D will then turn the dispenser on at specific locations in order to repair the bead. It will also inspect during the repair pass to verify that the repair was successful.

“The Predator3D automatic repair feature reduces downtime and cost by reducing the need for human intervention. If a bead defect is repairable by the robot, then the robot will do the repair immediately. No longer is it necessary for a worker to manually inspect and repair every bead defect.” said Dwight Carlson, CEO of Coherix.

Predator3D automatic repair feature is easy to set up, and can be executed on any robot or PLC protocol. Predator3D automatic repair feature will be part of the Predator3D standard package and this feature is retroactively compatible with field systems.

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