Precision Rotary Stages Offer Nanometer Accuracy

ALIO Industries, supplier of motion control solutions for metrology, laser processing, and additive manufacturing, offer nanometer-level accuracy and repeatability has recently introduced its Hybrid Hexapod. The company describes the Hybrid Hexapod as a game-changer in the field of motion control, and stimulates innovation as an enabler of next-generation manufacturing processes.

With upwards of 20 years working in the area of nanometer-level motion control, ALIO Industries has also developed TRUE NANO precision rotary stages to meet today’s demand for high precision rotary motion.

ALIO’s mechanical bearing rotary stages have been designed with crossed roller bearings for improved stiffness for offset loads and rotational precision. Integrated with servo torque frameless motors, the stages handle applications where the application mass and acceleration needs are extreme, while still maintaining nanometer-level precision performance.

Standard ALIO rotary stages, 80 mm to 300 mm in diameter, have 0.2 arc-second repeatability using ALIO supplied motion controllers. Standard mechanical crossed roller bearings are rated at 13 to 20 microns of radial and axial run-out, with optional run-outs of certain models below 5 microns. Vacuum rotary union options are available on the inner diameter for mounting a vacuum chuck.

ALIO  rotary stages with angular contact bearings, integrated with servo ironless motors, best fit metrology applications where small angular adjustment is needed with nanometer-level precision performance. For applications requiring ultra-tight run-out precision motion ALIO’s offers air bearing rotary stages.

ALIO’s two-axis systems are designed around the customers’ mass with variable counterbalance, cable guidance, and cable and air feed-through capabilities with hard-stops allowing for ± 110 and ± 170 degrees of rotation for nearly unlimited part access on the horizontal axis, The dual axis rotary systems exhibit angular travel ± 180 for the rotation about the vertical axis. Two-Axis Gimbal rotary systems are capable of high rotational speeds.

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