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Portable Microscope takes Microscopy into the Field

The Opto Portable Microscope is designed to offer the ultimate solution in portable microscopy. With its ergonomic design, robust build quality, and perfectly optimised optical configuration, the Opto Portable Microscope is ready to take on the most demanding field micrososcopy inspections.

In addition to providing class leading portable microscopy, the Opto portable scope is designed to offer high performance in mobile metrology. With its integrated graticule, high precision X/Y traverse mechanism, ultra fine focus drive, and optional digital height gauge, measurements, depths and heights of objects and features can be captured easily and reliably.

Offering cable-free portability and extended long life, the instrument features the very latest in ultra high power coaxial LED technology, with options even for advanced illumination techniques such as Kohler contrast enhancement.

Powerful as Standard

Designed to replicate the raw imaging power, magnification and functionality of a lab microscope, the Opto portable scope is the ultimate solution for remote high resolution microscopy. As standard, the instrument is configured with a trinocular head, fitted with high quality infinity corrected objectives, providing 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x optical magnification.

A range of configurable illumination options are offered ranging from ultra bright LED battery power to contrast enhancing Kohler options. Users can choose the trinocular head or the standard video head. The Opto portable scope is camera ready with industry standard c-mount fitted to both configurations.

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