Portable CMM Scanner Reduces Tooling Costs

The introduction of a measuring arm with a scanner has revolutionized inspection processes for plastic parts of air filter housings at Mann Hummel in Portage, Michigan, USA.

The air filter housings are mounted on a flat surface onto which a seal is placed. The flatness of this surface is essential for the sealing of the finished product. Previous tools used for checking this, where very expensive and proved not entirely reliable.

Having approached the local Kreon distributor, Burton Precision Inc., metrologists from Mann Hummel were able to test and validate the Kreon Ace arm with the Zephyr II Blue 3D scanner. They immediately saw a wide range of benefits:

  • Significantly reduced investment costs. A single piece of equipment (arm with scanner) replaces a multitude of expensive tools (manufacture, maintenance, storage)
  • Easy implementation in the heart of the factory: small footprint, resisting to high ambient temperatures
  • Precision and scanning speed to suit the application
  • A portable solution that can easily be moved from one workshop to another
  • A stable and reliable tool that withstands intensive use, day in, day out

For each production launch, the first batches of injected parts are systematically tested.  Numerous flaws can thus be detected: ruts, deformations, lack of material, burrs, etc. Comparing the scanned part with the CAD model reveals all these anomalies in the ‘blink of an eye’.

Ryan Chapman, Head Metrologist at Mann Hummel comments “We never imagined that the Ace arm with its scanner would increase our productivity, inspection quality and profitability so significantly.” Ryan sets up the inspection procedures and programming upstream. A workshop technician can then easily perform the actual measurements, using the measuring arm in conjunction with Innovmetric’s Polyworks software.

For more information: www.kreon3d.com