Portable And Flexible Non-Contact Profilometer

Understanding and quantifying a sample’s surface is crucial for many quality control and research applications. To study surfaces, profilometers are often used to scan and image samples. A large problem with conventional profilometry instruments is their inability to accommodate for non-conventional samples due to sample size, geometry, part portability. Nanovea’s portable 3D non-contact JR series profilometers is able to solve most of surface measurement problems with its ability to scan sample surfaces from varying angles together with its portability.

Measurement of non-conventional samples is difficult mainly due to problems mounting the sample onto a stage. With the Nanovea JR25, the sample does not need to be mounted; it just has to remain static. Its compact size makes it portable as well as versatile and can tilt its pen sensor at an angle which making it ideal for measuring samples that are not flat or have difficulties exposing its area of interest to a scanning probe.

The 3D Non-Contact Profilometer uses axial chromatism technology and can measure any surface with minimal preparation. Nano to macro heights can be measured with zero influence from part reflectivity, transparency, and curvature. The flexibility and portability of Nanovea JR25 3D NonContact Profilometer makes measuring a large parts much simpler compared to conventional profilometers.

The Nanovea JR25 combines the ability to tilt its pen sensor and measure angles to easily measure vary large samples with complex geometries while still attaining high quality data.

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