Polyworks Plug-In Provides AR Results Projection

3D Infotech has released Spotlight AR++, a plug-in for Polyworks metrology software allowing projection of inspection results directly onto the part. Guided metrology empowers users to visualize defects easily and methodically reducing manufacturing process variation.

Spotlight AR++ is a universal solution for measurement devices already operating PolyWorks and measuring data analyzed in PolyWorks and allows users to project inspection results directly on the part. Projections can be PolyWorks feature measurement or color maps.  With an easy and intuitive interface Spotlight AR synchronizes features and color maps with one click with Spotlight AR working conveniently inside PolyWorks metrology software.

Feature measurement examples include, circles, slots, and distances, along with their associated nominal, measured, or deviation values.  The text size, color, and position are adjustable allowing Spotlight to customize the information presented to the user.  Measurement information is stored in the PolyWorks inspection project so that it is presented the same way every time the system is used for a particular part. Projections are aligned on the physical part by using a mouse.

Any projector can be used with Spotlight AR allowing users to project with either simple office projectors or high performance projectors allowing projectors to be selected based on size and brightness requirements.

For more information: www.3dinfotech.com