Polyworks Conference USA | 2019

The annual PolyWorks Conference USA|2019 allows user to gain new PolyWorks skills, hear new ideas, network with like-minded people, and grow their passion for 3D metrology.

This year’s 2-day PolyWorks event will take place 24 -25 April at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan.

The conference features a new product launch divided into 3 presentations with embedded workshops: Universal Platform Solutions, CNC CMM Solutions, and new solutions dedicated to 3D measurement data management and enterprise digital interconnectivity. By popular demand,Innovmetric will be offering new PolyWorks clinics on different subjects to help you strengthen user PolyWorks skills.

The conference will end with a “vision of the future of 3D metrology”. Attendees can learn how the Metrology Suite and the new Collaborative Suite form a smart digital ecosystem that can radically increase the efficiency of 3D metrology-related enterprise processes.

For more information: www.innovmetric.com