Polyworks 2019 USA Conference Closes Smart 3D Metrology Digital Ecosystem Loop

Metrology News attended the opening day of the Innovmetric Polyworks 2019 user conference in Novi, Michigan this week. With more than 550 delegates, from all facets of manufacturing and engineering, the event experienced the largest attendance to-date for this annual event confirming the increasing market presence of Polyworks software as it pursues its Universal Metrology Platform mission.

Delegates were offered more engagement at this year’s event with the Polyworks Clinic sessions and The Doctors Office along with a comprehensive array of metrology equipment suppliers exhibiting in the adjacent expo area.

In his keynote speech company President Marc Soucy stressed the increasing focus of manufacturing on point cloud data, and the continued commitment of Innovmetric to satisfy the emerging market for Digital Connectivity Solutions maximizing the 3D measurement investment by customers. “In the past 3D measurement was perceived as a cost -now its transformed and being seen as an asset commented Soucy.

Eric Roberge, Lead Product Manager, presented Polyworks 2019 product highlighting its new features and capabilities, many as a direct result of customer centric feedback, stressing “that with each new release Polyworks increases its universality”. The development team at Innovmetric are focused on new features, innovation and emerging technologies. The future role of Augmented Reality in the 3D metrology world was highlighted with Polyworks AR announced with scheduled release in May 2019. Polyworks AR is integrated with Microsoft Hololens 2 providing the ability to ‘snap’ CAD models to physical objects, operate with gesture controls, and allow color mapping results to be projected directly onto the part in AR. The AR module will become an integral functionality in the Polyworks Inspector Premium product.

At the conference last year, Innovmetric announced its development vision for its DataLoop product which was launched late last year. Over the past years, industrial manufacturing organizations have discovered the value that 3D measurement devices during the product-development phase since the design of the parts and associated tooling are constantly evolving. With the rapidly increasing use of 3D measurement technologies at all stages of the product-engineering and fabrication processes, organizations are struggling with the management and sharing of a panoply of large data files resulting from acquired 3D measurements, metrology analysis, and reporting results. Most users store inspection projects on their local hard drives and manually exchange files over a network or using USB sticks, with the inefficiencies and potential for mistakes that are inherent with such methods.

Polywork Dataloop solve these data-management issues and digitally interconnects all users of 3D measurement data. DataLoop digital is adata storage solution that stores, manages, and shares PolyWorks inspection and reverse-engineering projects using a customer’s existing PLM solution. It also offers a universal Web interface to monitor, visualize, and analyze the 3D metrology contents stored on the PLM from any PC or mobile device. InnovMetric has chosen to connect to existing customer PLM systems since they offer all of the required technical characteristics and are already being used by a significant number of PolyWorks customers.

Bidirectional Collaborative Process with PolyWorks|PMI+Loop

The Collaborative Suite offers a second product to extend digital connectivity to the design team and implement bidirectional collaborative measurement planning processes. Today, design and manufacturing teams use either 2D prints or 3D CAD models with Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to define 3D measurement plans that are used by quality-control specialists to inspect parts and tools. However, when modifications to the measurement plans are made by the quality-control specialists, they have no way to easily feed their changes back to the design team.

PolyWorks|PMI+Loop ensures complete interoperability and bidirectionality between PolyWorks and the customer’s existing CAD platform offering CAD software add-ins that provide the capability to:

  • Create and review PolyWorks 3D measurement plans within their existing CAD environment
  • Import measurement plans modified within PolyWorks directly back into the CAD software

For more information: www.innovmetric.com