Polyrix Secures Funding Partner

Fondaction has announced its financial participation in Polyrix. In a statement commented Fondaction’s investment will create jobs in Quebec while supporting innovation. “We are excited to support the development of Quebec expertise that develops state-of-the-art technology, “said Claire Bisson, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Fondaction.

Polyrix has designed a variety of software and developed a new range of instruments to increase the speed and quality of inspection of complex parts, designed to high quality standards in supply chains and production units. automotive, aeronautical and medical assembly. Its industry-leading “scan” scanning technology can detect imperfections in manufactured parts. In doing so, production anomalies are corrected more quickly. Polyrix spent more than 20,000 hours developing its new instrumentation.

Polyrix was founded in 2005 by researchers from the Computer Vision and System Laboratory of Laval University, in Quebec City, Canada. Based on the knowledge gained in performing cutting edge research in 3D, the team identified a need for fast and simple 3D scanners that could provide inspection in a disruptive way.

The largest PolyScan XH is designed to measure part up to 6500mm, combining 2380 scanning units. It’s a versatile measurement system, well suited for automotive sheet metal components ranging from a door, to a full-length bodyside. System can have a hybrid scanning volume configuration: using only the center scanning units with smaller parts for a faster cycle time, or use all the scanning units for longer components.

Fondaction manages more than $ 2 billion in assets from the retirement savings of nearly 160,000 shareholders.

For more information: www.polyrix.com