Polyrix Release Large Scale Surround Scanner Solution

Polyrix has released its Polyscan XH large scale surround scanner solution. PolyScan XH is designed to measure parts up to 6500mm combining 2380 scanning units. The versatile measurement system is well suited for automotive sheet metal components ranging from a door to a full-length vehicle body-side.

PolyScan XH can operate flexibly as a hybrid scanning volume configuration whereby only the center scanning units are utilized for smaller parts achieving a faster cycle time or used with all of the scanning units active for larger components.

The surround 3D Scanner has no moving parts allowing PolyScan to be the solution of choice for general purpose metrology applications or automated inspection. Unlike CMM and robot scanning solutions the surround scanner eliminates the need to program inspection trajectory with data quickly captured from every angle with no time lost due to sensor movement.

The PolyScan XH surround scanner is controlled from the PolyScan Control Center with its software controlling the hardware and performs all the necessary computations for the inspection. It is fully compatible with all major 3D inspection software providing output data in a standard format. Polyrix provides a complete integration with PolyWorks inspection software. Computations are distributed to speed up data-processing using a total of 21 computers.

The system offers ‘Live Inspection’ whereby the calculated deviation color map is projected directly onto the measured part upon completion of the inspection cycle.

The scanning system mechanical structure is designed to remain stable with all braces kept rigid and mounted on isolation pads to block vibrations. The casings allow the aim of each optical unit to be adjusted.

For me information: www.polyrix.com