Polyga Adds Handheld 3D Scanner To Product Line

Polyga Inc., a developer of professional 3D scanning and mesh processing technologies, has announce its partnership with Thor3D to distribute the Calibry handheld 3D scanners marking the first handheld 3D scanner Polyga will add to its product line.

“Calibry is a great entry-level handheld 3D scanner,” says Thomas Tong, President of Polyga. “It’s been a challenge for small to medium businesses to get real professional quality results in a 3D scanner at an affordable price. Calibry opens up new opportunities for these organizations to adopt 3D scanning.”

For an entry-level professional 3D scanner, Calibry captures 3D scans with high accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and point resolution of up to 0.6 mm.

Other notable features include:

  • Captures 3D scans of medium to large objects
  • 4” built-in touchscreen into the device for ease-of-use during scanning
  • Proprietary 2.3 megapixel texture camera (patent pending) collects up to 3 million points per second
  • Ability to scan most challenging objects including sharp edges, and black/shiny objects

“Polyga is a unique distribution partner for us because the company is also an experienced and well-respected manufacturer of 3D scanners,” says Anna Zevelyov, CEO and Co-founder of Thor3D. “I predict that Polyga will not only resell the Calibry scanner, but will also be instrumental in providing vital feedback on how to better our technology. We sincerely look forward to working together.”

For more information: www.polyga.com