PolyCT Upgrade Kit Improves CT Scanning Performance 3 Fold

X-Raylab and the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology (EZRT) presented  PolyCT at the recent Control Exhibition. PolyCT is an intuitive add-on to existing CT equipment and can reduce scanning times by a factor of 3, especially for complex inspection tasks and analyses of highly x-ray-attenuating objects.

The patented product combines precision mechanics and progressive reconstruction algorithms in an easily usable tool that can be applied in every CT laboratory. PolyCT consists of three mechanically coupled rotation axes working directly coupled to the existing CT chuck. By using individual rotation centers, the active area of the X-ray detector is optimally used even for high absorbing samples. This technique allows the use of the full amount of detector pixels at much lower projection numbers than natively required. Software has been developed to automatically compensate for the cone beam distortion and to reconstruct the separate volumes.

PolyCT is compatible to all the common CT systems on the market and can be implemented in few short steps allowing use of the upgrade kit with various machines. Once the PolyCT system is installed it does not interfere with the standard CT functions or adversely influence the quality of the results.

The measuring device is clamped into the CT chuck instead of the sample parts(s) or directly mounted on top of the rotary table using a centering adapter. Data processing is automated using the reconstruction software and does not require further intervention in the existing CT system architecture.

For more information: www.polyct.com