Pollen Metrology Raises Investment to Support Smart Factories Globally

French start-up Pollen Metrology, the first “smart process-control” software company to accelerate the manufacturing of high-performing materials, today announced that it has received its first round of funding ($2.4 million) from investment management firms XAnge and KREAXI, as well as from private and public funds. Pollen will use the money raised to accelerate the roadmap of its software, PLATYPUS, and add new capabilities for different high-performing materials applications in industries such as semiconductor, energy, powder metallurgy, and pharmaceutical. PLATYPUS improves manufacturing yields, drastically reduces research and development (R&D) costs, hastens the development of new processes, and tracks defects from the early R&D stages to high-volume manufacturing.

Pollen Metrology’s CEO, Johann Foucher, said: “This investment will help us expand our foothold in Asia and in the U.S. where PLATYPUS is already used by major semiconductor companies. Semiconductor industry feedback to our innovative technology has been very positive and as a result we have identified new growth opportunities in several advanced materials fields.”

Pollen aims to become the leading supplier of Smart Process-Control Software to meet the need for first-class data analytics in advanced materials manufacturing.

“Johann succeeded in assembling a first-class team. They are well organized, and we are impressed by their execution skills. The commercial traction of the company, that we have been able to confirm during the due diligence phase, naturally led us to invest in Pollen,” said Guilhem de VREGILLE, principal at XAnge.

“The PLATYPUS software platform impressed us with its technological lead in data fusion applied to advanced characterization of nanomaterials. The development and production of nanomaterials is developing in all industrial sectors and is facing an essential challenge of qualitative and quantitative characterization. The contribution of artificial intelligence technologies multiplies the range of possibilities, both in the R & D and production phases. We are very pleased to accompany the Pollen team in its development on a theme of the industry of the future at the heart of our investment strategy,” said Rémi Berthier, senior associate, at KREAXI.

Pollen Metrology is the first smart process-control software company to accelerate the manufacturing of high-performing materials for Industry 4.0.

For more information: www.pollen-metrology.com