Polarization Sensor Makes Details Visible Hidden To Other Image Sensors

IDS now offers the IMX250MZR 5 MP sensor from SONY with integrated on-pixel polarisers in the uEye CP camera family. The models ensure better object detection in cases of low contrast or light reflections. They also provide a convenient way of detecting fine scratches on surfaces or the stress distribution within transparent objects.

Using polarization filters, the sensor generates an image with four polarization directions in a single image. Based on the intensity of each directional polarization, the polarization angle and the degree of polarization can be determined.

Due to their innovative, patented housing design and the very high manufacturing quality typical of IDS, the compact industrial cameras has dimensions of only 29 x 29 x 29 millimetres, making the models ideal for space-critical applications. Screwable cables also ensure a reliable electrical connection.

Both USB3 Vision and GigE Vision are available as interfaces.

For more information: www.ids-imaging.com